Sunday, August 24, 2008

Earl Pomeroy Launches Attack Ads on Duane Sand

Incumbent Congressman Earl Pomeroy unleashed his first serious attack ads against his opponent, Republican Duane Sand, today. The first part of the radio ad runs like this:
"Every four years we see it: the competition, the back & forth drama.

No, not the Olympics.

It’s Duane Sand in North Dakota, running for political office and twisting the truth."
In the remainder of the ad, Earl claims to have voted for "15 different measures to reduce both gas prices and our dependence on foreign oil with more drilling, and investments in alternative energy." This is simply not the truth, however. Earl Pomeroy has a consistent anti-drilling record built by his votes against domestic drilling both in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of trying to solve the problem by fostering more energy domestic energy development, Earl was part of the 213-212 vote in Congress for a five week vacation.

It's worth mentioning that rarely has Earl Pomeroy been forced to be on offense this early in the year. It's only August, and yet the Sand campaign has already exposed one of Earl's biggest weaknesses - his complete lack of common sense and courage when it comes to energy policy.