Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sand Raises Record Campaign Funds

Duane Sand has raised incredible amounts of money for his campaign against entrenched liberal Earl Pomeroy this election season, even managing to raise more than Pomeroy himself. His $1.62 million raised this cycle is the most money that any challenger has raised for a run against Pomeroy, far outpacing even Rick Clayburgh in 2002 who nearly beat Pomeroy and raised $1.08 million. Only a tiny fraction, 1%, of Sand's money has come from Political Action Committees (PACs), while Earl Pomeroy has relied on PACs to deliver 75% of his funds. Over 14,000 people have donated to Duane's campaign, and Sand has out-paced Pomeroy in his fundraising for every quarter in 2008. These final days are critical, visit to help out, or call the campaign office at 701-751-2530.